I farm and have a large yard around my house and am hooked up to a rural water supply. I recently added on to the house and did a lot of landscaping and now would like to install a lawn irrigation system. I could use the rural water supply but it would be a little cost prohibitive as well as restrctive as it would only supply @ 10GPM max @ 40 psi and would require a lot of zones to do the large yard. The farm has a well on it that hasn't been used for 15 years. it is a concrete casing 2 feet in diameter 60 feet deep with a water level at 40 feet for 20 feet of water. there is a pump house next to the well with a jet pump and pressure tank 6 feet under ground in the basement of the pump house. there is currently two poly water lines that enter the well through the concrete casing 6 feet under ground. one is 1 1/4" and the other 1". There doesn't appear to be any elbows where the lines enter the well. they just come in at a bit of an angle and the 2 foot casing is large enough to make the bend down. Is there any way to install a new jet pump and get enough GPM to irrigate a lawn. If not what is a good way to install a sbmersible pump in this well and how does one know how much water the well can provide me without running it dry?