The same story here(old house, old well and just the well head)
1. Well casing 2 in (id)
2. Well depth 210 ft( weight on rope )
3. Static water level 100 ft( length of rope to splash)
4. Venturi 30 feet from bottom of the in hose( length of hose 200ft)
5. Purpose of water usage: small stream to enjoy and irrigation for a few trees
6. GPM unknown

I have attached an air supply to the in hose with 50 psi, the water flows out of the well head for 15 seconds (about a gallon) clear and cold, no signs of sand or other visible impurities, the flow stops for one minute then water again this continues for hours and no change in the color of the water or the flow.

I did fill the casing with water for several hours no change in the level.

What type of pump, brand and accessories do I need?
I don't want to drill another well.

I appreciate any suggestions you have.