I am closing on a house on Monday and will need to get the well up and running.

* The well is behind the house
* The well is the only water source for the house

OK maybe I know a little more.

The house is a foreclosure so the seller/bank has no information. When I first looked at the house in 10/05 there was a pump on the well. The tank and softener was bypassed. Now the pump is gone so I am starting from scratch.

Where do I start?
I have contact information for a nearby well drilling company, with a recommendation from a friend of mine that is a friend of the owner.

My thoughts:
*Pay them to come by and check the well. Get them to tell me the specs on the well, depth, water level, etc.(Can this be done?)
*Get a quote on pump and tank from them and bring that info here to make sure that is what I need and get more quotes for someone here.
*Get water sample tested to see what treatment/filter I need.

Does this sound right?

Thanks for any help.