I built a shop and have an approx 40" diameter brick well on the property that I want to install a submersible pump in to supply water for a bathroom and hand sink. It will not be used for drinking. I have purchased 1" black, 160 psi water line and will trench this in at 4' depth. I am planning to use a 220 Volt 1/2 HP 2 wire pump. Help me get from the bottom of the well to the water line at the 4' level. The well is approx 25 ft. deep. I assume that I will install the pump at the 20' level. Can I use Schedule 40 PVC pipe to run out the top of the pump? How do I tie the system up...rope, chain, cable? On a 2 wire pump can I use 12/2 wire or will I need 12/3 wire since it is 220 Volt. The electric wire and water line will need to run 200 feet to get into the building. I will be putting the pressure tank inside the building. Can I wire the pump direct or should I put a breaker box near the well?

I appreciate any help you can supply. The local stores that sell the pumps have very little knowledge of how the installation should be done.

Thank you!