I am new to having a well and am having a pressure problem. I have a jet pump, a water holding tank, an offline water softener,the elctronics in the softener failed so it is not used but the water still flows through it I do beleive,I do not know of any valves in the system except for shut offs which are all open, my pump comes on at 20psi and off at 40psi. I was told to adjust the spring on the pump to increase off pressure, but there is no second spring to adjust the on pressure, I was told to keep the 2 at a difference of 20psi so I had to turn the spring back to 40psi off pressure, it made no difference when it was set at 45psi off anyway. I checked the air pressure in the tank and adjusted it to 18-19psi. Would increasing the air pressure in the tank help have more pressure behind the water coming to the taps and shower. any info or advice anyone can give would be appreciated. Thanks