We had four Sergeants from McDill Air Force base in the shop yesterday. They had been talking to us earlier about putting a pump together that would provide water to 9 shower heads to be used in a place that they would only say was very warm and dry.

This is what we put together:

A 1hp Betta Flo shallow well jet pump with an Emerson 48 frame motor. Complete with pressure switch, Jr-6 1 gallon Flexcon tank, CSV1 Cycle Stop Valve with CSC1 coupling, gauge and misc fittings.

The idea was to make a pump that would supply all 9 shower heads at the same time if needed but not cycle the pump to death with only one or two running. Hence the Cycle Stop Valve. The pump does 30 gallons per minute at 30 psi, since that is all it will do anyway. But it does 1gpm (as near as our flow meter can measure) at a constant 40 psi. Shut the water off completely, the pump runs the tank up to 60 psi. in close to a minute and shuts off until the shower heads are needed again. The pump will be run off a giant generator that will practically run the entire camp. The water source is going to be a rubber bladder type above ground storage tank that will give the pump a flooded suction.

When they showed up, they had an end suction Gorman Rupp of some kind with all sorts of unecessary devices hooked to it and a Flotec plastic self primer. They had not had much success with either needless to say. And of coarse the pressure switches would not work with the self primers.

I have attached a few pics. You have to look real hard to see the level indicator that shows the gallons per minute. It's a lot easier to see in person.

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