Alright, here goes.... I am looking to update my current well configuration. It is currently an above ground pump that is driven by a 1hp motor, uses two leather cups, and some sort of rod controlled valve at the pickup.(I think) I estamate the pump was made in the 40's or 50's and parts are no longer made for it aside from leathers. So I am running on borrowed time. It is "T"ed into a holding tank that is cushioned with air. I do not know the GPM of the well it self. It has a 2" casing. We have water at 40'-45' and it goes to at least 130'.

So my question is this... What are my options? I have a limited budgit, but am quite handy with all things mechanical. I cant affort to to have a new 4" casing drilled in. If I understand correctly submergable pumps are hard to find for a casing that small? If I did find one, would it be sufficient to supply us? What about a "jet pump" set up? Would it be able to pump from 40'45'? This will only be for residential use, although I am a sufferer of More's Law. So a little extra is always a good thing.

Thanks in advance for any and all help... If I have left out anything just let me know. -Eric-