I live out in the northwest and 6 months ago moved onto a 7 acres. I have a shallow well with a 1/2 pump. It seems passable for the house but not for irragation it is 5 gpm with low pressure. The old owners had a new well permitted and drilled. It was caped and never finished but the permit is good to 2007. I want to finish is soon but need some info. The well is drilled to 96', they have water at 5', they did the water test at 86', the well is rated at 75 gpm, I have no idea if that is good or not. Here is what I would like to do with the water. Irragate the property, run my house (good pressure) and next year my parents are moving on so I will need to provide water for there needs too. Oh almost forgot, it is in a 6" steel casing. How big a pump would you sudjest? What brands are good vs bad? I was thinking 40 gpm seems like a good number? But I also with like some good pressure. Is there a book that my help me out? I tried to hire a consultant with no luck, they all want to do the whole job and not share info.