I am new here and to the world of water well problems. My system is 8yrs old and aprox. 250 ft deep and uses a 4" Lowara submersible. I have had no problems until recently. I have noticed the water pressure has been getting lower (from 50 lbs. four months ago to 25 lbs as of yesterday). The pressure gauge is before anything in the system and I know its working properly(in order of connection, bladder tank which has 34 psi after water is drained from it, whole house filter, water softener, water heater ). I replaced the pressure switch in an attempt to remedy the situation but to no avail. The well is 50ft from the house and the supply line was replaced last summer after to old one ruptured. I installed the new one thought a casing that was buried 24"under a flower bed. I can see no leaks from either end of the casing. My question is, can the pump go out slowly or "is it all at once". Sometimes the water has a muddy color and clears up after running it short time. Could the pump have a stopped up intake?
Got any Ideas.