Help! This past Friday, I tried to on water and nothing. Pump was running, but no water. Assuming the pump was dying, we bought new pump and tank (Flotec from home depot). Installed with new check point valve, took a good 10 minutes to prime, but got it and all was well, water pressure even seemed a little better. This was Saturday afternoon. This morning, Monday, turned on faucet and had water, but within 1 minute trickled to nothing. Pump still running. I tried 3 times to re-prime, nothing. Checked the pipes for leaks, none as far as I can tell. Called a well company who suggested perhaps our screen was dirty and they could clean it for around $1000. To my knowledge, we have a 2" point driven well. It is in our basement. We have a pipe coming out of the ground about 2 feet or so, then elbows over to our pump, with the check valve in between the pump and where it elbows. I'm thinking if we do have a vacuum leak, shouldn't it still prime, because it did before, even if we lost it after about 40 hours? My uncle told me about some tablets I can buy and drop down to clean my screen, someone else told me to shoot a 12-gauge down to pipe! Don't know what to do! Any suggestions, and fast ones! Thankyou in advance, hope I have been descriptive enough, (I live in SW Michigan if it matters) Thanks, Emily