ok.. where to start? We bought this peice of property about 10 years ago and had a well drilled about a year ago. The well is 240' deep, production is just slightly less than 1 gpm . 200' of 4 1/2 PVC, 40' of 6" well casing, and have the 6" X 1" well seal on it.

The plan is:
2500 gallon holding tank directly out of the well.
1000 gallon holding tank up the hill from the home so we can flush (house is about 8' higher in elevation than the 2500 gallon holding tank and well)...when the power is out, and a manual valve on the way up to the house to fill/release the 1000 gallon 'flush' tank when the power is out, and then comes back on.

With the low production of the well, I expect to use the SubGard to keep the pump running (plan is 2 wire 1/2 hp 220v)

Once i can get some water out of the hole, and test it, I may need a filtration system, etc. - but hard to say - smelling the water doesn't smell bad but so many other 'things' that could be in there - salt is a problem in our area, but until I had a way to cycle the well, I wasn't ready to test it yet.... also the power should be on the property to the meter base in the next week or so.

Also planning on putting in a bladder tank for pressure, on the house side of the 2500 gallong tank.

Am I on track so far?

Also, guesstimate, how much amperage should I have at the well house to handle the 1/2hp 220v, pressure system (jet pump) and potential filtering system? (I can figure out the wire size based on run to the breaker box).... I had one person tell me I needed atleast 100amps.. and thought that was WAY overkill and was thinking more like 30-40amps should be sufficient.

I'm pretty handy but haven't done a well before, so any/all insight is helpful.....