Hi pump wizards, you said to add as much info as i could so here goes.

My points warped, I found a lizard tail fried inside my presure switch. I replaced them. (now that i think about it the lizard might have been there all along and my newly added sprinklers might have caused the damage)

I replaced the points with a 30-50switch(the old one didn't specify what type it was so I guessed, being a red blooded american i chose the bigger one.) - later that day the water was off again - apparently something threw the overload button on the pump control box.

I reset the box and tested the points now i was getting a cycling of the pump. no matter how i adjusted the switch it still cycled fast.

I started to wonder if the switch 30-50 was to much, so I replaced it with a 20-40 and added a pressure qauge. my water at idle sits at 40 when the system calls for small amounts of water I can watch it slowly gauge down to 20 but then the pump kicks in and in less than a second it's back up to 40 and off again at that point it clyles the gauge goes from 20 to 40 in rapid succession.

my friend told me to add pressure to the tank (when the water pressure is off it read 40 and when it was on it still read close to 41). so i raised the air pressure to 45. Its still basically doing the same thing but now the neddle rests at 45 instead of 40.

now another view of the situation is when i run the sprinklers. starting at 45 it will dwindle down to 41 or so... then it happens so fast, i cant tell which happens first, the needle drops or the pump starts. but the pump puts it back up to 47 and in about 90 seconds it will do it again.

strangely when i turn on the water hose while running the sprinklers i get this... starting around 46 it dwindles to about 43 then the pump kicks in, but the water draw does not let it build back up. The needle dwindles to around 41 then i hear a noise inside the pressure tank (a squish or a squirt lasting about half a second) which drops(not dwindles) the needle to a constant 35 the pump continues to run as it should till the sprinklers are done and i shut off the hose.