What a great forum. I have a 2 wire 1/2 hp goulds submersible pump that I want to use to pump water from my lake..to my yard for watering the lawn. I am concerned about electrical shock. I will pull the wire..and setup the pump..then I will call an electrician to make sure everything is done properly. But before I call him...I want to make sure everything is done properly. 12/2 wire from fuse box will first go to an on/off switch..then will be run down to a box on the pier below. The pump wires will then be connected into the box on the pier. This will allow me to pull the pump in the winter. Should I put a GFI breaker at the breaker box..or should I put a GFI at the box at the pier..or GFI at the On/off switch? This setup will not have a tank..just on and off when I need the water.

Also..when I splice the wire from the pump to the box on the pier..ANY suggestions on the best way to do that? Splice kit??..etc.

Finally..the pump is a two wire pump. 2 black and one green. I know the green will be connected to the ground on the 12/2..how should I connect the two black wires?

Thanks for the help.