hello well gurus, HELP, my well stopped pumping water 2 weeks ago, thought it went dry, pulled pump and water is at the top of pipe? well is 2" case w/1"inside pipe sta-rite 1hp vertical,been here for 14 yrs no problems exept pump locked up last year,replaced with exact pump, depth 90-120ft? not sure. pump runs fine,took apart and looks kind of rusty and sludgy inside but not bad,pipe is really rusty inside, thought I would pull it out with my tractor w/ boom pole, it won't budge, would like to pull it and drop new foot valve and pipe in, thinking it is clogged up. I called the county water people and they said they have not heard of any wells going dry, unfortunately I live at the highest point in the county and we are in a drought. if it went dry why would water be at top of pipe? I am not a pro but was able to drop a 2 hp sub 160 ft in 200 ft 4" well on land I sold by myself with no problems, now I wish I had my land back, any advise would be greatly appreciated.