My girlfriend's water quit working during a recent cold spell. Her pump, tank and softener are in her cold and drafty "Michigan basement". I don't know if the pump quit working beforehand, but it was obvious that the water in the old pump and line to the pressure tank had frozen and the ice completely split the pump's casting.

We warmed the area and installed a new Flotech 4100 jet pump for her shallow well. After priming the pump, we quickly had running water again. In my opinion, the house's water pressure has always been very low and the new pump didn't improve the situation. The house doesn't require much water as it only has a washer, kitchen sink and single bathroom.

I drained the bladder tank and found that it only had about 15PSI. I charged it to 28PSI and it has held this pressure consistently for over a week. I tapped on the tank and it doesn't sound waterlogged.

I also replaced the gauge between the pump and tank. It shows that the system will only charge to 30PSI. The pump will NOT build enough pressure to shut off its 30/50 switch even after shutting off the water to the softener and the rest of the house.

Assuming there are no leaks after the pump, is it possible that the check valve could have been damaged by ice and isn't allowing the pump to draw enough water? It doesn't seem to be allowing water to drain back into the well. I've manually turned the pump off and the system's pressure seems to hold steady at 30PSI for hours and the pump doesn't lose its prime.

I'm a city boy and I'm stumped at this point. I'm hesitant to tear into the pump to check for debris but I will if I have to.

Any help would be appreciated!