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Thread: Frozen water supply and lightening bolts

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    Frozen water supply and lightening bolts

    I awoke last weekend only to find my water pipes frozen, we had a low of 20 degrees for several hours, I have a few questions.

    1- Why was my pressure gauge reading above 70 psi? I understand that water expands, I do not know how a gauge such as this operates, did not know it was in direct contact with any water ect.

    2- My well normally turns itself on when it gets below 40pds ( if memory serves me )

    What would happen if the pump were to be triggered when the pipes were frozen as they were. The water would have no place to go, I would think this would destroy the pump.

    What should I be doing to insure safety to the pump.

    3- I recently spoke with a well installer, he told me that pumps in my area typically only last 10 years because of lightning.

    He showed me a pump that had clearly been the spark plug node thru many flashes of lightening.

    Evidently the lightening hits the ground sometimes from a great distance, runs into the well casing and jumps the gap over to the well pump.

    Marion County FL is known to have extreme lightening scenarios.

    Anything I can do to protect my pump?

    Thank you and Happy New Year
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