I have recently installed a sandpoint pump complete with a jet pump and tank. I am using 18 ft of 1-1/4" galv. pipe and the 36" sandpipe is measuring 7 ft of water. I have primed the pump, but nothing happens. All connections are air tight ( I beleive) but no flow. Here is my question. While checking everything over I disconnected the 1" flexible supply hose to the pump, stuck in a funnel and filled the hose and funnel. I turn on the pump, and the water in the funnel doesn't drain. Seems to me a simple test to see if the pump is working. I have checked the venturi, I have removed the ejector side of the pump, the impeller is spinning. I can't seem to figure what is missing. The air tank has 20psi of air.

Any ideas?

I appreciate anyones input.