I have a brand new well. Supposedly 85 foot, 30 gpm, 6" metal casing. I lowered a string in it and think I hit water at just under 30 foot.

I have NO buildings on this property, and finally have electricity at the pole. I put in a 220 outlet on the pole, too.

I'd like to be able to water my garden and orchard and plant grass. I don't want anything TOO permanent until I build a barn or house (to put a pressure tank, etc., in).

Will the following work??

I would put a deep-well submersible pump in, run the electric cable and safety rope out the hole in the cap. Plug in the cable to the electric pole when I need water. I'd run the water line from the pump up to the top of the casing, and cut it flush. Then I'd put in an adapter and quick-connect that would fasten to a hose. (I found the parts at Menards...)

When I want to use water, I'd take the cap off the well, "quick-connect" the water hose, and flip the breaker on the electric pole.

Will this work? What else would I need? Someone mentioned a "torque-arrestor" and "stand-offs"?

I'm absolutely clueless about this stuff, but can't afford the $1600 the well-driller wants to install a pump. (I will probably hire someone when I need to make it more permanent, however). I found a 2-wire 1/2 hp or 3/4 hp pump at Menards for just over $300, and they have the wiring cable and hose, too.