Hi - When I bought my property last year there were 3 x 20ft shallow wells situated about 10ft apart and linked to a single 1.5inch pvc up pipe with a single check valve before it was capped. I wanted to use the well water for irrigating my 1 acre yard and worried that the wells were too close together pulled 2 of them up and re positioned them so that they are now 70ft apart and each well has a check valve and a ball valve before meeting at a single point.

I bought a Myers 1.5 HP pump and running off 220v primed it and connected it to the up pipe to get a flow rate. I was hoping for 35-40gall/min. Alas I am getting alot of cavitation and cannot seem to get a constant flow - after much repriming, I have tried isolating each well in turn using the ball valves and the cavitation is evident from each. I can get a low flow rate of about 5-10 gall/min with all three ball valves almost closed but it is still not a constant flow.

I know that the water table has been low since the recent drought here in central Florida but we have had a fair amount of rain since then and I thought that the level should be well up above the level of my wells by now. My neighbor has 3 20ft wells in my original configuration (10ft apart) and he uses a 3/4hp pump to draw water off very successfully.

What am I missing?

Anybody know a decent specialist who can come and sort it out for me in Central Florida?

It's Mayhem Here!