I have a home in PA with well drawn water. The current pump is about ten years old and is beginning to drop out by not keeping pressure. Turning the water on will slowly run pressure down to 30 psi, then 25, then it immediately drops to zero, the water cuts off, and the pump does not initiate for about 5 secs. I've cleaned the relays in the switch box outside the pump but with no results. Is the pump dying? (I suspect the pressure switch inside the pump which might be rebuildable but I don't think I want to take that on right now.)

Overall, it looks to me like a simple R&R job. The pump is a Gould J05M impeller and a Gould J04853 pump body. I can find no same Gould replacement pumps so this may be a discontinued model. Can I order a Gould pump of like specs and just R&R?

Thanks very much,


P.S. Is ten years the best these pumps will give?