My well was drilled nine years ago, and I am now finally building my house and installing the water system.
I first checked the SWL, and it was the same as when first drilled - 49', but the bottom of the well had come up about 12'. (From 180' to 168'). According to the well report, I should still have 6.5 gpm at the decreased depth. I only got 1 gpm from 169' to 180', for a total of 7.5 GPM total output when we drilled the well.

I have a 1HP 20 GPM pump which I used, with a dole valve of 5 GPM, and a pressure regulator of 50#. I put the pump at 150'.

The water was initially a medium to light brown, and got darker as time went on. When we drilled the well, the water was just a little cloudy. Furthermore, after running the water for awhile, the flow diminished, and stopped.

Any ideas as to what might have happened to my well?
The well report states that from 13' to the bottom is grey claystone.
It's a 6" well, with a 4" plastic slotted sleeve all the way to the bottom.
Could the fact that I am using such a high volume pump be "stirring things up", causing the heavy turbidity?

If I lower the well down to 5' from the bottom, could I expect to pickup more water? Should I go with a 5, or 7gpm pump?
The bearing zones are: 49' to 51' 1.5gpm, 67 to 68 3gpm, 99 to 167 2gpm, and 167 to 169 1gpm.

The house is coming along fine, but I am starting to get mighty thirsty.

I am looking forward to any suggestions anyone may have.