Hello. I moved into an old house with a deep well, 2 line, setup that just started losing it's prime overnight while it's idle. I know very little about the setup, how deep, etc. I do know the well is a 2" PVC case and has the jet assy on top with a single drop down inside. Distance to the pump is only 5 feet. The jet case is all rusted and starting to leak around it's seal to the PVC which by the way is threaded on the 2" PVC with a standard male end vs. bolts and compression ring set. The 2 lines to it are 1" PVC and before I cut through them I thought I'd ask and see if someone here has some experience with this type of jet assy (first time I've seen one). Am I correct in thinking to separate the jet from the 2" PVC well that I just clamp on to the well to keep it from twisting and unscrew the jet assy. In my mind the whole down tube with foot valve will turn and all come out together like this?
Appreciate any info and thanks.