Need to Engineer a project for pumping water from lake.
Have a pier on pilings 6' above water. Water is only 2 feet deep, high pond, at the end of pier. Need to go out to pilings (20') for submersible or extend horizontally (10') for centrifugal. Neet to go 80' feet to house, approximately 40' vertical. Have 2" PVC buried 60' of the 80'.
Want to develop this in 2 phases.

Phase One -- just have a tap at house and pier for general watering and washing of cars.

Phase two -- maybe 2 years from now -- put in an underground sprinkler system, but still be able to wash cars and water potted plants from tap. Irrigation guy says I need at least 30 psi at house for sprinkler system.

Don't want to spend 2 much because I already have city water and need to justify the cost. Also, will probably will not use every day during the summer, house faces north and doesn't need constant watering.

This is in South Carolina -- so no real freezing issues. Would prefer above ground solution for maintenance and electrical solution but would consider submersible for extensive cost savings.

Initially considered just pump and 2 3-way switches (one at house and one at the pier) with an open sprinkler in case pump is left on. However, for close to the same price of pulling electric line to house I can install tank, pressure switch and CSV for constant pressure. I would appreciate any advice.