I have a jet pump for my irrigation system with a 30-gallon tank and a 30/50 switch. I have no idea how deep the well is or any information about the pump as the information has been worn off.

A while ago, my pump was accidnetally left on at the faucet attached to the pipes and it began to run all night long. It overheated and the seals were broken to both pipes leading into and out of the pump (whoever installed it originally used too large of an adapter to screw into the pump and was only really sealed by plumber's tape).

I replaced the pipes but when I run the pump, it will not shut off. I looked at the pressure gauge and it went from 0 to about 40 to 45 and stopped there. I emptied it and tried adding some air to the top of the tank but it still only went up to 40 to 45. I'm assuming the pump won't shut off because it isn't reaching the cut-off point of 50 but I'm not too sure how to fix this.

Also, one time I was able to turn on the pump from the circuit breaker and still run my sprinklers but when I tried this last time, the sprinklers would not come on. My lawn is thirsty and the Florida heat is not being kind to it.

Any suggestions?