I recently had my home's UV system serviced (bulb replaced and plumbing system chlorinated). When I dechlorinated the pipes I ran all my faucets, then the washing machine, the dishwasher to get the chlorine out. Then...poof...my water pressure was lost. It turns out my well pump was dead. Three questions:

1. Did I "burnout" my (25 year old) pump from the unusually heavy water use?
2. Could a voltage drop from all the appliances running and AC have caused it to burnout?
3. I had the pump replaced (Goulds 7GS05422, 1/2 hp, set 150' deep in a 160' well)...what is a reasonable price? I was charged $1400 for the pump, labor, 150 ft of coil pipe and cable, etc...is that too much?