hey guys,, newby here....
here is my delimma, a few weeks ago i noticed my well pump running more then normal, so i found that the check valve i installed out at my well hiuse years ago was bad. so i put a new one in and also replaced the pressure switch, it was old too. ok after that all was good, except , then i started getting air in my lines. ifigured it needed bleeding so i turned everthing on and run it all out. seemed ok. next morning we get up for a shower and same thing lots of air in the lines. after about 3 or 4 minutes it goes away and works great.
i check for any leaks in the line out at the well house and nothing. the pressure does not fall off at all at the gauge at the tank in the basement. so i guess the water it is leaking back downinto the pipe going to the pump and creating an air pocket there over some hours at idle. does this sound right? if so i gotta pull the pump . we never run out of water, good pressure all the time.
it is a submersible pump in a 24" bored well , 47 ft deep.
if i have to pull it ,, take a look at these pics and tell me if i need any special tools or just take out the 4 bolts break the seal and start pulling. (and wiring of course).
thanks a buch for looking

too old too care