We have lived in this house seven years, the well and pump is about 12 years old and have never had the slightest problem. The well is about 200' deep. The pump is a two wire pump, that's all I know for sure. This past week a lightning strike damaged several electronic items in my house and since then during heavy water usage the water runs out for a minute then comes back on. I checked the pressure switch and bladder tank, which check out fine. It almost seems the pump is heating up and quitting, then after it cools back down it comes back on unit it heats up again. Of course if it is submerged in 60 degree water this does not make since, it just acts like an overloaded motor. I realize this may be a low water situation or possibly a plugged or damaged pump. I do not understand how the lightning figures into this problem however. Any suggestions how to properly troubleshoot the problem?