Can anyone give me some info on water pressure?
I live in an old house. We have never had decent pressure to our showers. Its not so bad that we lose significant pressure when someone turns on a faucet while we are showering, but good shower heads never seem to get enough water to perform properly.
The pressure of the water coming out of the outside faucet which is not connected to our softening system is also poor. There is plenty of water available in our well. In fact when we had footers put in our basement water came up almost as soon as he started digging the footers.
I need to know how to get good pressure into my house and to the outside faucet, and how to keep it with selecting an appropriate water softening system.
I know nothing about wells or pumps.
My well is just off of the basement and very close to the house.
In addition when we put an addition on the house their was an old cistern under the patio that we uncovered.
Our plumbers in our area have never given us any clear answers to this anoying problem.
I have no doubt that the mixer valves for the showers need to be upgraded too. Any info on that subject would be appreciated too.
Any advice would be welcome.