Hello. Woke up the other morning to no water. Replaced the pressure tank (38 psi precharged, 36 gallon) and Square D 30/50 switch. Set the switch to cut in at 40 psi, cut out at 60 psi. Water pressure is much better now, but about once a day (its only been a couple days) we lose water pressure due to (I believe) the switch not cutting in.

I reset the lever on the Square D switch and everything seems to work fine again. It is my understanding that the switch will trip the lever if the input pressure goes 10psi below the cut-in pressure. Do you think I have an intermittent pump problem? By the way, I have a submersible pump in a ~150 foot deep well. The water level is only about 8-10 feet below ground level, so I'm pretty sure I'm not running out of water. Any thoughts?