Hi folks,
I found a well in the crawl-space under and addition on my house and I'd like to use it to feed a sprinkler system.
The sprinkler system does not yet exist and will be as zoned as necessary.
The house was built in the 20s. As far as I can tell this was the water supply for the house before city-water was available.
The well is 3 feet wide down to 11 feet and roughly 18 inches wide from there down to the water.
It's 26 feet from ground level to the water.
There are only 2 feet of water.
The property is about 1/2 acre.
Here are my questions:
With only 2 feet of water I'm concerned that I'll pump it dry too quickly. Is there a certain type of pump I can rent to test the available flow before investing in an installation?
At 26 feet I'll need a deep-well submersible, right?
Is 2 feet enough water for a deep-well submersible?
Do they generally include a shutoff sensor for when they start pumping air?
Since this is in a crawl-space with about 12 inches of clearance over the lip of the well, connecting sections of pipe would be extremely difficult, is there any problem with using a high quality discharge hose instead?

Thanks for any and all input...