I just purchased a house in the country that has a well on it. I am going to connect to the municipal water at the street in a few months but need a temporary fix. I am pretty sure that the well is a shallow well. The house hasn't been used for a few years so the well has sat idle (which from what I heard is not good for the well). There is a flotec pump (most likely a 1/3hp and seems in ok condition) at the well and a small tank (in very poor condition) below it. I don't know much about wells but disconnected the tank from the pump, primed the pump, plugged it in, and it ran. Water came out of the pump but not at a significant rate. I am gut rehabbing the home and setting the copper up to connect to the municipal line so I am looking to set this pump up temporarily to pump right from the pump house (connected to a garden hose so I have water to do some basic outdoor cleaning). My questions are as follows: 1) Is the small rate of flow from the pump normal (don't know if that is tied to the bladder tank issue or not). 2) What do I need to do to get this up and running (the most economnically) to suit my temporary water needs? Any advice would be very helpful. I am very mechanically inclined and can handle any necessary plumbing & wiring but wells and pumps are a new thing for me and I don't know exactly how to identify what I need to to to get it running. Any information/advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.