Have no water right now. Here's the situation:

Have not had any issues in the past w/ pump, pressure in house. Had issues with sulfur smell, so chlorine shocked the well yesterday. Ran water from every faucet, etc. till chlorine smell came (plenty of pressure). Today, hooked up the hose to purge the 'chlorine water'; and let it run. Water was coming out strong (w/ chlorine smell). Checked later, still going but less pressure. Later still, no water coming out at all! Ran in & turned off switch to well pump. Let it sit awhile; when I turned switch on, I think the solenoid clicked & pump ran (I think) - but pressure didn't go above ~10 psi. Tried a couple times (may have got to 20 psi once?), but now when I switch on, nothing at all! I don't have my multimeter here today but checked power with a 110/220 probe; and with switch on there's at least 220V between the line wires, AND between the load wires. The case of my switch says 'Pumptrol', and 'Square D company; class 9013; FSG 2; ON 30, OFF 50'. I've read some posts, but I don't see a capacitor on this thing, and no recognizable switch either. 2 wires + ground from power, 2 wires to pump.

I can get a multimeter & check voltages, resistance, current. But, shouldn't the solenoid click on with the pressure that low? Also I've seen posts talking about 'priming the pump'; but I have not been able to find out how this is done with the pump already installed, i.e. can't get at prime plug?

Any help is greatly appreciated. -Kevin