I've got a Water Ace RC10 1hp convertable pump. I sprung a leak on an inlet fitting and the pump ran dry for quite awhile(possibly over night).
I fixed the leak and believe it's air/water tight. I've got a tee on the inlet with a standpipe that goes above the leval of the pump and a tee a few inches from the outlet.I primed it by pouring water in stand pipe until it ran out outlet tee. So I would think it's primed properly.
Pressure gauge reads approx. 20 psi.(Pressure switch 20/50).
Motor runs ,but is kinda noisy and doesnt pump.
So, I guess what I'm asking is ....should i assume I've fried the impeller,etc.? It's 3 years old. Is there any way I can verify it's fried w/o taking it apart? Anything else I can check, or any more info you need? And what are the chances of finding parts?