My 3/4 hp 230 volt 10 gpm Flint and Walling pump (10 year old but only used to water 3 to 4 times a week (3 hours max a week for 4 months) is not pumping the normal amount of water from my swallow 75 foot 6 inch well. I did not use over the winter and this May I turned on to water my lawn. I also have a 5 micron dual filter system prior to my pressure WX250 WellXtrol tank. I get rusty water from the well but the filter does a good job. I'm thinking the motor is giving out or silt/rust might be clogging the pump. We did set the pump lower than we should have 10 years ago. Maybe 3 feet from bottom. The pump will not build up enough pressure to shut off. I have a 40/60 switch. Plus after the tank is full I run out of water and the pump struggles to re-fill. The well is not dry but the well is not a good producer. In the spring it is an underground river with a lot of flow. In a dry summer the level drop to 20 feet and probably only has a 2-3 gallon per minute flow. We are very careful not to over use. We will pull the pump in the next week and see what it is like. Hope we have no issues pulling out the top of the well house. Any thoughts or hints? We have a hand dug well (25 ft)next to it so I can see the water levels. Thanks.