I have a very shallow well with a Goulds 1/3 HP jet pump (JO3N) and a well/trol bladder tank. pump suction line is 1-1/4 plastic. Well is 250 - 300 feet from pump but the lift is only about 12-15 ft.I've been having problem with air in the line but it suddenly got worse. I did have problems with the pump building pressure but cleared the nozzle and it now builds back to 40 psi. The pump has never built pressure quickly. If I'm getting air in the system id the suction line leak the only source? can cavitation from a clogged nozzle creat air in the system? hoping I don't have to dig up the line because I think it was direct buried. Appreciate any comments. Lastly, I did bleed the system to zero and chedk the bladder pressure, seemed OK.
Thanks again