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Thread: looking for a low voltage water pump

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    looking for a low voltage water pump

    Hi, thanks for the forum. I have two wells, one modern 4' pvc cased 40' deep, the other an old hand dug well also about 40' deep. Just down hill from these wells I have a small (less than 1/4 acre)pond. I need a pump that will pump a small amount of water 24hrs per day. My problem is I do not want to pay the electricity to run a 1/2 or larger pump and I do not need that amount of water. Is there a pump that can lift water 40' and still not cost me a small fortune in electricity. At this point I don't care if it's submersible or above ground. All help is appreciated. Thanks Bob

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    What is a small fortune to you in $$ per month?

    When you say "down the hill", how many feet down and how many feet in horizontal distance?

    How many GPD (Gallons per Day) do you want to pump?


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    Hi David, thanks for the reply. The pond is about 50' slightly down hill from the top of the well, gravity should allow proper flow. My pond loses about 5000 gallons per day. I need either 4 gpm 24hrs per day or 8 gpm 12 per day. Due to my near capacity breaker(this is in my barn) at the electrical source I need low amperage. The 1/2 horse 110 pump I currently use for drinking water dims the lights on the same panel.I originally wanted to stay below $20 per month, but this may not be practical.Kwh in my area is around 9.53. Thanks for your help.

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