Hello, I'm new to this but am desperate for any help I can get.
Here's the stats:
We have a shallow well (25 ft) and have a pumphouse with the pump (was 3/4 hp but just recently upped to a 1hp), brand new pressure tank of 85 gallons/220 gallons, a Bio-lite, new sediment filter and a hard water softener. We also have a pump inside the dug well that the plumber put in a few years ago when we ran out of water and the pump was still running. And I panicked. He said that this pump in the well will protect the one in the pumphouse as it will shut off the one in the pumphouse when the water is too low. We ran out of water from stupidity. That's all I can say about that one.
Now to begin, a few weeks ago I noticed that the pump was turning on for about 2 seconds then shutting off. It'd wait for about 4 seconds and do it again. All day and all night. Also our water pressure in the house was pulsating.
We replaced the pump with the 1hp and also rerouted the plumbing. (The house is an old farm house.) The only thing that he moved though was the Bio-lite and the pump. I mean as far as the actual objects, not the fixtures. What I'm saying is that everything is still in the same order from the pump as far as the pipes go.
We got the pump primed and started it up. Well, it ran for some time with no pressure reading. Eventually, we got it to go up to 32lbs. It should be up to 50. This was last night. Now today we ended up getting a new pressure tank. We upgraded this one from a 52 to a 85 gallon. Well, we got pressure reading to about 40 then all of a sudden it went to 0. We found a leak that he's fixing tomorrow but I need to know if everything is being done right as it takes a long while to build up the pressure that we got and we don't want to ruin the pump.
Please help with any info. as it will be greatly appreciated.