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background info. After a storm last fall our power was off for 2 days. no H2O when power returned. We have a deep jet well 60' with 2" casing water level 25'- this system was put in march 1999.

Water was finally returned by unscrewing a brass end cap connencted to a PVC pipe directly above the pump. inbetween the pump and "cap" is about 6inches of PVC with a "T" joint, this leads to the bladder tank in the house.

This is our problem. Once prime is established water pressure stays, however the pump switch kicks on about every 10-25seconds,sometimes seeming to hang-just clicking- it has thrown the breaker switch twice in 8 months.
If you listen to the well(the pump) you can hear water dropping back down in the well and after 4 to 6 "thumps" the switch kicks on, pump runs for 10seconds then off. With no water running in the house this is the cycyle -
"thumps",switch on,pump on,pump off,"thumps",switch on,pump on,pumpoff.

As a result we use the water as needed- prime the pump in the morning and evening leaving it off when noone is home.
When priming, it usually takes 2.5 - 5gallons of water to prime. Pouring into the top off the pump till it fills the well tubing and pump. Then quickly turning on the power, pump has water pressure ready in about 5seconds.

I looked at another previous thread. I drained and checked the bladder tank, i found no water and pressure seemed fine.

Many thanks for your advice,