Hello, I have a 13 year old (Sta-Rite) pump that will not kick off. After installing a new control box and pressure switch it didn't fix the problem. Pressure tank is holding at 28lbs.. I kick on the pump via switch and it runs up to about 40 lbs. and stays there until I manually turn it off. When it kicks off the water literally runs out of every pipe back into the well (you can hear it) and the pressure creeps back down to nothing. When the pump is on there is a little water/pressure, but that fades quickly, even with the pump running. A friend and I pulled the pump and didn't find any leaks in the galvanized pipe. The pump was in approximately 15' of water at the bottom of an 80' well. I certainly am not experienced with this, but it has been brought to my attention that I may want to change out my check valve. Although the galvanized pipe looks good, I'm going to replace the bottom 40' of galvanized pipe just to make sure it's in good shape. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance for your helpclick here to send me a direct email