Let me begin by saying this is, THE BEST, site on the Internet for well/pump information!!

My question:
I found a well in my yard and want to install a pump/tank system to use on my lawns and garden. I want to make sure I dont undersize the setup (or for that matter oversize).

After reading the FAQ page, it is apparent to me that I need to gather more information on the pumping rate of the well so that I will have all 5 pieces of information (in the FAQ). With this information I can appropriately size (and purchase) a setup. I'm not sure how to calculate this? I have a small gas pump that has 1" suction/discharge and (+/-)1590 GPH capability. Do I pump out until it's dry (if possible) and time it?

Here is what I do know:
1. The well is approx. 5" in diameter.
2. Static water level is 10 feet
3. ?
4. It is 27' from ground level to the bottom of the well.
5. Watering lawn/garden.

Two other neighbors have wells of similar depth and they have never run dry. Thank you in advance for any responses, it is greatly appreciated.