I have an irrigation system fed by a submersible pump from a shallow well (22' deep) The well capacity is insufficent to water my lawn for more than 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening. I installed an above ground 1 HP R10L Water Ace pump and can pump from an adjacent irrigation ditch (lifting 15' diagonally and 7'horizontally to pump). While both systems are operational to a point the submersible maintains 42 psi and the new pump maintains 34 psi. I have a switch whereby I can control either/or. The problem is, after 30-40 minutes while operating 2 of the 5 zones (individually)the pressure drops to zero (new pump operation). The other 3 zones work ok and are nearer to the water source.

Any ideas would be appreciated greatly, I would like to get back to an automated system utilizing the new pump and water source.