I can not figure out what type of repair person to call for my water problem.

My water system is on a well. I do not know how deep it is.
The well is apx 350 or so feet from the house and the pressure tank is in the house. The tank was replaced about 5 months ago. The house has never had great pressure, but the outside spickets have.

Last week, the water pressure in the house only got very low and then stopped all together. I checked outside and the water there was fine. I changed the filter, and all seemed ok.
Last night the water was fine, in and out of the house. This morning there was no water outside, I checked in the house, and the same thing. I did notice that I could hear water in the house, like the pipes refilling? There was no faucet in or out of the house open anywhere. It kept making that sound, it would come on, then go off, like the pressure tank was recharging?? I turned the water to the house off. Still no water outside either. I could "hear" water noises at the well, dripping and on and off running?
I turned the power supply to the pump off and left it for about an hour. Turned it back on and had water for a few min with regular pressure. Then it went off again. I don't know if my well is running dry? (Though when it would get low before I could wait for it to recharge for about 1/2 hour and would have water again) I had not run the well dry last night though, and no water was used through out the night.
Do you think it is the pump? The pressure tank? The well water level?
Hope someone can help. My whole property is on this well and there are 20 horses that are going to need the water tanks filled again very soon. (I can find a way to haul water if I have to, just hoping it is not the water level).
I don't know who to call, a plumber, a drill person, or someone to replace the pump, and if it's that, I have no clue what kind to get!
p.s. I can't check the water level, I can't move the cement cover, believe me I tried!