We have a 1950's house that is connected to city water & sewage. The well was put in when the house was built and was/is used for landscaping purposes on a 1/2 ac lot. The well we were told is aprox. 85 feet deep. There are two pipes coming out of the well head that run into the crawl space and connect to a 1 HP Granger? pump.From the pump a pipe runs out of the crawl space and connects to 3/4 inch galv. pipe that then runs to 3 different water spickets where we hook up garden hoses. We have used a tractor sprinkler for a number of years to water the lawn and a hand wand for the flowers. We do not use the well to wash cars as white water spots are left. The well puts out aprox.7-8 gallons a minute. I ran 3/4 inch poly pipe for 19 zones (3 drip) with 56 heads. I used 1 inch PVC pipe for the main line. I do not have the vales,mantifolds or controller hooked up yet. I am connecting a garden hose to the end of each zones poly pipe in order to run the sprinklers. I have read your FAQ about sprinklers,pumps,tanks and pressure switches.How do I hook my sprinkler system to my current system? Can I tie my main line into the galv. line that runs to the 3 spickets. Do I need a pressue/bladder tank??? Sorry for the lenght of this post, I wanted to give as much info. as possible.