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    Pump question

    Installed a 3/4 hp. Sta-rite pump into creek for watering yard I used 475ft of 12/2 wire, my question what size fuse should I use and what can I do to make sure if a wire breaks on the pump in the water that it will throw the breaker. Is there something that can be recommended that would be a safeguard against anyone being shocked if a wire would happen to break in the water. Any help would be appreciated

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    That's cutting it close. Franklin says not to go over 480 feet with #12 wire.

    I would think a GFI would be the thing to use beside a fuse. A 15 amp fuse or breaker should be adequate to protect the pump, but a ground fault interupter would be the safest thing for putting one in a creek.


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    Yes, a GFCI is designed to do just that. In case of a short to ground or water, it is designed to trip so fast that no one will get shocked.

    However, because it trips so fast, most electricians I know do not recommend using them with items such as air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers and possibly pump motors. Most of these items use motors with a starting capacitor. The constant cycling causes current fluctuation which in turn, may cause the GFCI to trip unnecessarily.

    A GFCI is about $10.00 so it would not be very expensive to test it, but you might check with a local electrician and see what they recommend.


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