Recently I had a 4'' Well Drilled and Installed to connect to my Irrigation System. The job included a Pressurized Tank (Small). The Well Company wanted to sell me a Anti-Cycling Device, which apparently fitted at the well head area and would stop the Pump from cycling and therefore lengthen the pump life.

I didn't purchase the device, but instead 'balanced' my irrigation system so that the pump didn't cycle. Now after many months and a re-routed irrigation system and an additional 4 faucet locations and an auto-fill for my swimming pool, all added to the well system, I am looking to install this 'anti-cycling' device.

I notice something called a Smart Tee, but there are no details on the cost and if this will specifically eliminate the cycling or just reduce it.

Any help on a device that would eliminate my pump cycling, without having to change any major items would be helpful.

I did search the forum and read many threads about the cycling issue, but couldn't find any solutions that fit my criteria or any mention of this so called 'anti-cycling' device.

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