My partner just bought a property that is on the other side of the road of a spring fed lake. He is approx 80 feet higher than the lake and the pipe to the lake is 200 feet long. It is impossible for us to use a submersible pump as the lake is surrounded with private property and access to the lake is very limited. We managed to have permission to burry a pipe (it is 1/2" flexible water line). We tried to get water by way of sucking it up to the property with a piston pump yesterday and the pump was not strong enough to pull. we were told today that we are out of luck, that there is no way to get water up there unless we install a submersible pump (or have a point installed in the ground) We have heard from neighbours around the lake that efforts have not been successful in getting good water from the ground. the best water is from the lake itself due to the sping water feeding it... do you know of any other solution?... we would like to know if there is a pump out there that will pull water 80 feet up..even manually would be okay.. we need water there..