I lose prime after the pump restarts the next day and it takes 10 minutes to rebuild prime. Also, I cannot get the PSI up to the pressure switch shut off unless I drop it to 34 psi.

I have a new driven shallow well. It has a 1 1/4" well point with 13 ft of galvanized pipe to the ground level then 50 ft to the pump that goes into a check valve just before the pump inlet. I have a 1hp Gould GT10 with a 2 gallon expansion tank. The pressure switch is a 30/50. I was getting 34 psi. I've run the pump for days and it never runs dry.

Prime issue: Is it possible I have leaks on the underground pipe sections? Is check valve too far away from top of ground level?
Presure issue: Do I simply need a 20/40 switch adjusted to 34 psi or should my 30/50 do that?