Hi, new to this, recommended by Bob after asking him about my situation. He said that Hyropure might be of help.

This is for an old cabin on lake. Pretty clean, but goes back and forth between potable and not. There is an existing hand pump, maybe 20' above lake level. Relocated it 6" higher and now doesn't draw very well. We are remodeling it for the next two weeks and would like to make a more efficient water supply system.

There is no electricity, just propane tank, 100 gal.

The water is mostly for kitchen work. But, we are also interested in the possibility of filtration. Would like to get the supply end of hose deeper in lake if possible.

Any recommendation on pumps and systems. Was considering pumping 15' to fill a water drum with drain in the morning. Then drawing up to the cabin throughout the day. Drain Drum in morning and refill, to keep water "fresh".

Any way to filter conveniently for hand pump situation.

Any advice?

Thanks so much