It appears my well is open ended. I'm getting some silt and sand and my pump has lost some pumping power. It's taking a lot longer to get to pressure. I spoke with the best driller in the area and he said the outfit that drilled mine don't use screens. All he is willing to do is to drill me another well. I'm not sure I'm ready to go there yet. I'm currently looking at all options. I was also thinking of going with a Franklin J class which is made for sand and dirtier applications. My pump is still pumping after three years but not as well. How much longer life would I get from this pump? I water a lot of area, almost an acre with it. I was also looking at the seperator below. Is anyone familar with this product? It goes around the pump and is supposed to protect it.

What would happen If I just poured a couple feet of gravel down my well and went with a small pump? Would the gravel stop the sand? Wouldn't a four inch casing allow enough flow for a 1/2 horse submersible? I currrently has a 1 horse but could downsize and then irrigate from the creek.

I know I've got to stop the sand, there just looks like there is something I can do besides drilling another well. Thanks.

also this is a great forum, I'm work in Industrial water applications and love to tinker with pumps, instruments, and pipe. So its fun to read this stuff.