I don't know much about well but will try to explain the situation to the baset of my knowledge. We have a well installed about 20 years ago with a vertical drop of 90 ft. There are two pipes coming from the ground. The first pipe is 6" in diameter while the other one is 1" in diameter. At the pump house we have a 108gal Clayton Mark water system tank pre-charged to 30psi. The whole thing is run by a Franklin 3/4hp pump. I looked for how many gallons it pumps a minute but couldn't find one. I will make sure I measure that next time it's in operation again.

We use the well water to water the garden. Last week the pressure dropped from using ten hoses to just one hose. I replaced the Franklin 3/4hp pump but that didn't help. In an attempt to put more air in the tank, water was coming out of the attachment. Forcing more air in through the water didn't help either. I listen to the intake pipe and I can hear a huming sound. After I tried to presurized the tank, we can only run one hose at half the capacity.

Is it time to replace the tank?